​Tierd and bored,

Need somebody to hold.

Need comfort, need sleep…

..I think I want my number one cup of tea.
That should relax me, it should feel nice.
I’ll give her a text, i know it’s been long but she’ll surely reply.
I’m on my way to feel home again.
It’s a pleasure to know, it’s there when I want it..
I see her, I do, that’s my favourite cup of tea.. – you know that I missed you.
It’s been a while since I felt happy, been lonely for weeks, trying to feel okay.
But now you got me, make this last, I like the way you taste, wrap me in your warmth.
Ah, that feels good, relieves the months of stress, I need this cleansing potion to put me at rest.
Your the original flavour that I once fell in love with, im so used to it now, I think of reminding you how much this means to me but I’m afraid it could the wrong way.
Don’t get me wrong, I love you in so many ways, the way you look for me and how you keep yourself reserved, it never fails to amaze.

 Always available when I need you and as strong you make yourself for me,
– I like the way it all feels, pure and clean.
Wrapped up in your arms all through the night,I like my cup of tea just by my side.
Iv tasted other flavours, cherry,vanilla and strawberry too, they were nice for the moment but nothing compared to the original and so I came back to you.
You know what makes me feel right, you know what makes me feel good.
Iv enjoyed this tea break, ill be back again, like always, it’s been good.
Keep yourself warm & tender;I want to sip on you again..My favourite cup of tea, I know you’ll be here for me til the end.


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