Only the lucky ones will have what she has.

The best in a friend.

A prayer, a companion, a shoulder to cry on? Much more than that. The role of this human was much more than that. 

We shared the secrets and poured our hearts out, we didnt ever need much from each other but a listening ear was much more than enough. In a world where people break your trust, you gave me a reason to trust again.

The dark corners of my heart spilled to you and you didnt judge me once, you merely blinked and smiled and adviced me to stay strong. Thats when I knew, I had found the best in a friend.

You put up with my mood swings which were constantly demanding attention – not easy to keep up with but you stayed true to me and smiled and told me you were here for me and thats when i knew i had found the best in a friend.

The nights when i felt the loneliest and tears were my only way out, you held my hand and walked me out of the darkness.. i would wonder why you would do this for me but each time you just smiled and said i deserve better and thats when i knew i had found the best in a friend. 

When struggle set in and the bank balance starting running low, I hesitated to ask for help but your hand never pulled away, in a time where money means more than it should, you never let me sleep hungry and thats when i knew i had found the best in a friend. 

I pray for you everynight, each moment that passes by, your so brave and quiet I sometimes forget your hurting. Forgive me – im only human. Though, you always put me first and i tried to be the best i could but i could never compare the best in you, the talent in you, the strength in you. The giving in you, the love in you, the happiness you would hand to me without thinking twice, the compassion in you. 

I wouldn’t be who I am without the support of you, there aren’t enough words to put together to describe the best in you.


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